What Can I Do?

Act Now!

There are potentially two stages of written comments that you can provide to the to the UK Planning Inspectorate (UKPI) examination:

i) a summary of your case to the UKPI in writing by completing a form on their website (known as making a relevant representation)

ii)  a later opportunity to provide a more detailed statement to the examination (provided that you make the relevant representation above, by the 15 Jan 2016).

You can register as a group or as an individual, the more the merrier as long as the comments are sensible. The UKPI will use this as a guide to help them decide where to  focus their attention

We realise that the sheer amount of information to trawl through is daunting so we have outlined two methods that you can use to help you create your submission:


1. The Expedited Method

Some of you have asked if we can help by creating summarised comments for each issue. You can select which points you are concerned about and include these paragraphs in your submission. Remember you will only be able to comment in more detail later on each point you include in your submission.


The easiest way to use our summaries is to copy them all first, then open the UKPI form using the red button below, paste the summaries into the “Your representation” box and then delete any concerns you do not feel are applicable to you.

The rest of the form is easy – you only need to answer a few simple questions.



2. The DIY Route

For those of you with more time (a lot more time…), read though the various summaries of the issues catalogued on this website and create your own submission. There are 247 documents to look at so you might want to look at our own shorter list of some of the more relevant stuff here: Selected Documents

For some guidance on some of the issues check out our concerns pages glynrhonwy.org/concerns. A useful summary of each document in the SPH application can be found here: summary description of more relevant documents. If you’re still hungry for even more detailed information, there is some extra stuff to read regarding discussions with the Planning Inspectorate here:


Once you are ready to have your say go to the UKPI registration page and make your “representation”  here:

As it says on this page,

“your representation must include an outline of the principal submissions you intend to make in relation to the application. You cannot reserve a right to make a representation later without providing an outline of the points you intend to submit at this stage.”

So, having registered an outline of your intended representations before 15th January you will then be able to go into more detail during the examination process which may take a further few months.

Please DO read their guidance notes carefully – keep it to less than 500 words if you don’t want to be ignored! Remember, no  “vexatiousness” or “frivolity” !!


For examples of our supporter’s submissions to UKPI see:

Submission Examples