Summarised Concerns

Concerns (Summarised)

The following summaries were  used to help  make  relevant representations to the UKPI earlier on in the Inspector’s Examination. They’re a bit redundant now that the process is so far advanced, but reading them might give a general flavour of the concerns which we had at the start, and haven’t much changed – only intensified as we got more into the detail of the process .. for current situation see Detailed Concerns page

  1. REGULATION: Mitigation of environmental and other risks associated with the scheme will depend on effective monitoring and regulation. Assurance is sought that regulation and enforcement, particularly by Natural Resources Wales (NRW) will be effective. Why is a Development Consent Order is being sought before necessary discharge permissions are granted by NRW?
  2. WATER MONITORING: Large volumes of water will be discharged from the quarries in both constructional and operational phases and could carry harmful chemicals. This could have a profound effect on downstream water catchment areas. Proposals for monitoring and controlling this discharge are inadequate
  3. GRID CONNECTION: The Developer gives assurances that the connection to the national grid will be underground, but there is no legal obligation. Financial and technical considerations could result in pylons being used. There should be a legal obligation to make the connection underground
  4. RECREATIONAL: Llanberis area is very popular for outdoor recreation, including fishing and watersports for local people and visitors. Any degradation of the environment arising from this scheme, particularly water quality for swimming or fishing, could have a negative effect on this important part of the local economy.
  5. NOISE: During construction: Blasting rather than tunnelling may be necessary, and a continuous conveyor may be used to move excess material uphill. The impact of this noise has not been adequately addressed. During operation:. The potential negative impact on human health of long term exposure to low frequency noise/vibration has not been adequately addressed.
  6. PROCEDURAL: The Developers have gone about the promotion of this scheme in a piecemeal fashion. Fortuitous preparation of the lower site by Gwynedd Council, then application for Planning Permission to this same body then this application to the UKPI for a larger scheme, and applying for this DCO without a water discharge consent from NRW seems disingenuous.
  7. CONSIDERATION OF ALTERNATIVES: The Environmental Statement does not adequately consider the alternative of doing nothing, or of simply enlarging the similar but much larger scheme just across the valley at Dinorwig with far less risk to the local environment.
  8. CONSTRUCTION ISSUES: The upper site will be accessed along a narrow country road. Some residents of Waunfawr area are concerned about disturbance they will suffer but feel their views were not adequately represented by the local Community Council at the time of a flawed consultation process.