Have your say to NRW

The opportunity to have your say to NRW has now passed

This scheme almost certainly cannot proceed without the appropriate water discharge permits from Natural Resources Wales (NRW) .. or at least we hope so!

As mentioned elsewhere SPH are seeking a Development Consent Order before these permits are in place, yet such water discharge raises difficult and complex issues regarding potential polluting effects

but as of 22nd June 2016 the situation became a little less clear …

NRW says the company has not provided enough information about its day to day operation and management of the scheme and there is insufficient technical information.

The Applicant, SPH, has withdrawn it’s permit applications to NRW

Read this NRW statement about SPH’s permit applications

It isn’t clear quite where this leaves the DCO application .. you can read the current discussion between the various parties by going to the UKPI document library

We hope this means that the scheme cannot go ahead until the Applicant has done much more detailed analysis work on potential polluting effects of discharging the quarry waters and come up with much more rigorous proposals for mitigation of these effects.