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This site owes it’s origin to the Facebook Group ‘Concerned about Glyn Rhonwy’ (CAGR), currently with about 720 members or more accurately sympathisers who have liked us. At its core are residents from the Llanberis and Waunfawr areas particularly and North Wales generally, but it has also drawn support from the wider community of visitors to the area.

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And we also have a Twitter presence here https://twitter.com/glynrhonwy

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We did have an online petition calling for NRW to refuse the required discharge permits.  It closed out with 1263 signatures – see this  online petition

This specifically addressed the issue of the discharge consents to be issued by Natural Resources Wales to permit the discharge of water on both the Llanberis and Waunfawr sides of the scheme, and without which its hard to see how the scheme could proceed.  Currently the SPH application for these permits has been withdrawn owing to a number of technical  issues, but they are likely to be re-submitted

For more on this again see our Detailed Concerns page

We think Snowdonia Pumped Hydro’s  presentation of the scheme to the public has been misleading and inadequate .. and we have said so at the various public meetings.  A number of us have engaged with the Inspector’s examination process by submitting written criticism of the scheme, sometimes supported by written advice from experts in relevant fields.

The Planning Inspector’s Examination is nearing its conclusion.  The Inspector, Mr Stuart Cowperthwaite, is due to close out the process and complete his examination by 8th September 2016, but if you have something to say about it that has not already been said and is significant (in the Inspector’s view)  then theres a chance it can be included in the discussion if you’re quick

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